Drift ghost как обновить прошивку и музыку новый альбом шансона

Watch the process of downloading the latest firmware from Drift Innovation, and installing the software on your Drift HD camera. Jan 25, 2016 Free Download Drift Innovation HD Ghost Action Camera Firmware „ Firmware update in Progress“ message, and the LED status. Sep 10, 2013 It's important to keep your Drift HD firmware up to date so that you are getting the most benefit out of improvements to the Drift HD system. Up to date. Click the links below to to download the firmware files and read thro. Version (26/06/15). HD Ghost Version (10/07/2014). Drift.

New firmware update for the Drift Ghost-S! Hit the link below to download version and bring your camera up to speed. 1. Initializing buffer. Новая прошивка для экшн-камеры DRIFT HD GHOST. / 12.06.2013 /. Компания Drift Innovation выпустила обновление прошивки для экшен камеры. Jul 17, 2012 Get the latest firmware for your Drift HD action camera. The LED on camera will show “Wait for FW update” during the process. May 19, 2013 Drift Innovation has a firmware update, version, for the HD Ghost. A highlight, they say, is a new mode for continuous looped recording.

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